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The Summit is formatted to foster discussion and debate on the evolution of treatment approaches to hematologic malignancies. The Summit features didactic lectures and panel discussions, and discussions of new approaches designed to overcome treatment challenges. Compelling data on the effects of novel strategies, such as chimeric antigen receptorexpressing T cells, new targets in B-cell malignancies, myeloma, acute myeloid leukemia, and antibody-based therapy, have led to an explosion of new information and agents in development for patients with hematologic malignancies. Incorporating these agents into clinical care will become an ever-increasing challenge for community oncologists as they treat the individual patient.

Presentations will be given by leading experts in the field of hematologic malignancies, who will offer further insight during question-and-answer sessions. In addition to these leading experts, fellows and junior faculty will have the opportunity to present and discuss their abstracts at an evening poster reception. Finally, industry representatives will showcase their data on emerging therapies that will be developed in the hematology space.

The Summit on Hematologic Malignancies assembles translational researchers, clinical researchers, and key community oncologists to address and discuss the challenges of this rapidly developing area of oncology.

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